“We Need A Larger Net”! (continued)

A half hour had passed by then. Sweating profusely, I stayed calm by deluding myself that this permit wasn’t huge, so, no big deal.

It seemed like an eternity when I finally glimpsed the fish’s powerful torso emerging from the depths, swimming in spiraling concentric circles. Despite the mistruths I had been feeding myself, the power of this beast was impressive. I knew I was at the fringes of adequacy with my tackle.

Finally, the permit was near the surface. I told Dermin “get the net ready!” To my dismay, Dermin was standing tall and tentative at the gunwale, and, worse, showing the permit the hoop of the net. The permit eyeballed Dermin carefully, then dove with abandon. Once more, I had to reel him back from the depths.

On the second attempt to set up Dermin, he was late with the net - missing the head and tail.

A third pass would get it done, I thought, and, encouragingly told Dermin. When the moment was right, he thrust the net under the permit’s head, only to realize the fish was wider than the net! The permit bounced off of, then, wiggled right over the frame. You have got to be kidding…

I was lucky enough to stay connected and provide Dermin with, yet, a fourth crack at netting the permit. To his credit, he got the net positioned with the 15” X 21” basket opening angled slightly.

The true length and girth of this permit was exceptional. I estimated him at 35 pounds, my second largest permit.

After pictures were taken Dermin, jokingly offered “we better get a bigger net!”



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